Using Opera for IRC

These instructions for getting to ##juggling using the Opera web browser were contributed by Orinoco

For those using the Opera browser you may or may not be aware that it is also an IRC client. Access is really easy:

  • Opera > Mail & Chat accounts
  • On the manage accounts screen click ‘Add’
  • Select Chat (IRC), click next
  • Enter your name & an email address, click next
  • Enter your nick (the name that you will appear as in the channel), click next
  • Select the Freenode server closest to you in the drop down list, click finish
  • Open your panel list & select the chat panel, click on the join room icon (or press ctrl+shift+j)
  • Your Freenode account should already be selected so type ##juggling into the room field, click ok


After that your chat panel will have a link direct to the room, so in future it will only one click away.

The most important thing for a chat system to gain traction is for people to use it, so please come & say hi!

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