We’ve got two bots, heffZipDrop and passPassDrop. Freenode provides excellent services, so the bots are mostly four our entertainment. If you have a question about the bots, ask on the channel. Should confusion persist, contact Hijackal, he runs the things. See heffZipDrop’s “tell” command below if you have no idea how to contact him. Or, try commenting on this page.



Some features are directly related to chatting on the channel, such as:

stats – passPassDrop keeps count, adds numbers and produces the lovely stats page. Don’t hestitate to let Hijackal know if the bot needs to be told that two nicks belong to the same person, or if you’d like to be colored according to your perceived gender.

!seen <nick> – Someone not around? ppd will tell you when it last them.

!lastspoke <nick> – ppd knows when someone last uttered something. (Beware: joining the channel resets the nick’s timer)

heffZipDrop, tell <nick> <message> – you have an important message for someone, but they are not here? heffZipDrop will repeat your message when that user next says something. This also works for people who are signed on but idle, the message will be repeated when they join the conversation again.


HeffZipDrop is getting some juggling-(community)-specific features. These are heavily under construction and subject to change and disfunction:

.valid <siteswap> – will validate the siteswap. Vanilla only, so far.

.festival – the bot will say something about an upcoming festival. Data is from the Edge list of future festivals – add yours there to get mentioned by the bot.


.fortune – conversation running dry? The bot will quote something from debians fortune cookie file(s).

HeffZipDrop is a Phenny python-based bot, go to the Phenny page for a longer list:

.wik <word> Рwill look stuff up on wikipedia to save you the trouble of changing windows.

.c <query> – invokes Google calculator. Handy for figuring out what “.c 5 mi in km” are, or whatever silly units the Americans are using these days…

.t – the current bot time (UTC)

.in <time> <text> – will remind you about anything you ask to be reminded of.


The bots are entirely for your entertainment. Please do let us know what you think about their behavior and feel free to suggest new features in the comments.

One idea is a regular (Monday night UTC?) round of trivia, akin to a pub quiz. What do you think?

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