3 May, 2012

Almost there…

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We’ve got the bare bones of a site now. I still need to work out where best to stick a blog/news section but it’s beginning to take shape.

At some point, I’d like to tart up the theme a bit, make it more “ours” but as a starting point it’s not bad.


  • Set up a category for pages of instructions for common clients
  • Where a client can do jabber and irc (eg adium, pidgin) put both sets of instructions on the same page
  • Find some useful links for those who are new to IRC
  • Some sort of ##juggling “visual identity” (earugh)
  • Buttons! Sig Graphics! Wizzbangfunstuff!
  • Information about the bots
  • Sort out logins for the other Ops so they can generate content (so I don’t have to)

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