What’s this all about then?

Jugglers are a pretty social bunch, and we like to chat about all sorts of things!  A number of us are stuck infront of our computers (working, studying etc) when we’d rather be juggling.

So the next best thing is hanging out with other jugglers online and talking about juggling!

How do I join in?

We’re a big fan of getting as many people involved as possible, so we’ve picked IRC as our chat medium of choice.  You can get to our channel in loads of ways, depending on what floats your boat.

  • Web Client: http://www.jugglelounge.com/webchat
    If you’ve never used IRC before, you might want to start off with the web client.  It runs in your browser, so there’s no need to install anything new.
  • IRC Client:  ##juggling on freenode.net
    If you’re an old hand at IRC, you know what to do!  If you’re new to all this, don’t like the web client and want to set up a dedicated IRC client, we’ll be putting up some ##juggling specific instructions for popular clients soon(ish!)
  • Jabber:  #juggling%irc.freenode.net conference, on irc.jabber.me.uk
    If you don’t like the webchat, and IRC is blocked on your connection (eg at work) then you can use a Jabber client to connect via the irc.jabber.me.uk gateway.  Instructions for popular Jabber clients will follow soon(ish!)

Channel Statistics

We’ve got a bot which sits in the channel gathering various statistics about the channel use.  You can find the results here: http://knaeuel.stw-bonn.de/~hijackal/pisg/juggling.html

I want to learn more!

There are loads of juggling websites around which are great sources of news/tips/tutorials/dates of events/details of juggling clubs in your area etc – so we’re not going to reinvent that particular wheel here.

You’ll find a selection of of our favourite sites over there on the right,  in the links section.  If you run a juggling website and think it would sit nicely in our links section, talk to an Op in the channel.

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